Blend With Angler Konbu In Shikabe, Hokkaido

Blend With Angler Konbu In Shikabe, Hokkaido

Shikabe on Hokkaido Island is a city that represents considerable authority in angling and confronting the Pacific Sea. From the numerous Konbu creating places, just in Shikabe is sightseers can appreciate the extraordinary drying experience of konbu.

About Konbu

Blend With Angler Konbu In Shikabe, Hokkaido
Blend With Angler Konbu In Shikabe, Hokkaido

Konbu is one of the Japanese tidbits that has increased a lot of consideration as of late. One of the keys of the kind of the dashi soup notwithstanding Katsuobushi is Konbu, one of the sorts of ocean growth that develops in shallow water to a profundity of seven meters. In Hokkkaido, the best time to gather the Konbu is among July and September every year.

At these occasions, when in Shikabe is radiant, you can see the extended konbu to be dried along the coast.

Konbu, one of Shikabe claims to fame

At Shikabe, guests are permitted to feel how to deplete the Konbu with anglers on the coast. To bait the Konbu, a little vessel can be utilized for a few people, and utilizing a unique device that has a size of two to ten meters in length.

At the point when the vessel is full and back to the sea shore, the whole group of anglers will likewise dry the Konbu individually on the coast.

The nature of dried konbu utilized in Japanese cooking relies upon the drying procedure of kelp. Consequently, Konbu angling as a rule begins when the morning is visually impaired before dawn.

Drawing nearer to the Konbu group of fishers

Blend With Angler Konbu In Shikabe, Hokkaido
Blend With Angler Konbu In Shikabe, Hokkaido

The experience of depleting the Konbu starts at four PM and takes an hour and a half. Also, the measure of sun dried konbu is extremely reliant on the climate, since this experience happens in the drying cottage where there are some dried konbu.

There guests can join the spouses and offspring of nearby anglers who helped in drying Konbu. At the point when one side of the konbu has dried, at that point the konbu will be switched. Anyway for this stage is excluded from the experience advertised.

Such encounters urge guests to talk with neighborhood networks. On the off chance that you come there, you can hear stories that just flow among the residents. Occupants there are likewise common to eat konbu roots as a bite.

When finished, you will get a pack of dried konbu to be brought home as a gift.

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